Millom Life

The daily lives of the iron ore miner and his family were hard.

How would you like to bathe in a tin bath in front of the coal fire? Remember – there were no bathrooms at this time (or inside toilets!).

Experience this hardship as you walk into the miner’s cottage along the Street in the Museum.
You come home cold, hungry and covered in the red dust of the iron ore mines after a 14 hour shift.

The image shows a cottage room with cooking range, sideboard and dinner table.
Recreation of a miner’s cottage at Millom Discovery Centre.

You are the only one bringing a wage home and your family depends on you. You open the door to be greeted by your wife and family huddled around the coal fire.
You smell the evening meal, hotpot, on the stove and slump down in a chair. Exhausted from a day’s hard labour, your wife offers you the first plate of the meal.

Your children eat next and then your wife… if there is any left! In these harsh times, your friends and neighbours help where they can to try and make sure everyone gets something to eat, but often there is hunger.

Once the children are asleep, you can bathe in front of the fire in a tin bath, get yourself to sleep in order to be up at 5 o’clock the next morning, ready for another shift.

When visiting the Centre be sure to look out for our other reconstructions of a local shop and blacksmith’s forge – a vital occupation in the 19th century.