Rail Room Project 2016-2019

Project Overview

The Rail Room was a heritage-based learning project unique to the North-West of England. For more details about visiting it click here.

The Rail Room project was funded through the Heritage Lottery, Copeland Community Fund and the Cumbrian Coast Community Rail Partnership. Enabling hi-tech facilities and the design and build of an exhibition-standard model railway.

The Rail Room project:

  • Was the culmination of a three-year programme of extensive research and validation
  • Included intensive volunteer involvement from a wide variety of sectors
  • Encouraged input from all age groups through the initial planning to operation
  • Revealed the hidden mining and rail heritage of the area in a new hi-tech room, and through a series of individual visitor programmes
  • Enabled 3,000 primary school children – and their teachers / parents – to learn in a creative and stimulating environment
  • Directly responded to the expressed concerns of OFSTED regarding the lack of achievement in basic skills by children of primary school age
  • Was supported by Cumbria County Council, Copeland Borough Council, Schools, Northern Rail, Cumbrian Coast Community Rail Partnership, and Millom Town Council.