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Did you know? As early as 1837, George Stephenson proposed a line across Morecambe Bay.

The role of the Railways

Situated on the railway platform, the Millom Discovery Centre would not be complete without the memories of the bustling train lines of Hodbarrow mines.


As early as 1837, George Stephenson proposed a line across Morecambe Bay.

Railway memorabilia and artefacts are displayed, including lamps and signals, the layouts of track and points, and much more. Later, industries like Elbeo, which made stockings and the Tannery which occupied a site between Millom and Haverigg, relied on rail as a means of distributing goods from Millom.

Here, too, we see how Haverigg and Silecroft were popular holiday destinations when tourism flourished in Edwardian Cumbria. Come and find out how the railways were a vital part of the development of Millom and how tourism is an increasing area of development.

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