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We can tailor the visit to your individual needs. Self-led tours are also welcomed, we can provide materials to aid your learning within and outside the museum.

Heritage Lottery

Situated on Millom platform in an old Victorian station building, the museum explores, interprets and celebrates 150 years of South Copeland. Our unique street-style layout lets pupils explore local social and industrial history through our interactive exhibitions.

  • Accessible toilets
  • Gift shop
  • Class room
  • Fully accessible museum
History of Cumbrian railways

(1 hour) KS 1 & 2
Pupils will journey through the history of the railways in Cumbria, understanding the importance of key events and chronology they will learn about the impact of the railways on social and industrial life. What will they think are the key moments in Cumbrian rail history?
Safety on the Railways

(1 hour) KS 1 & 2

Pupils will understand the importance of staying safe near railways and journeying on trains. Put theory into practice and take a short journey on the Cumbrian Coast line.


  • English
  • History
  • Maths
  • English
  • Art and Design
  • Citizenship
What happened to Iron?

(1 hour) KS 1 & 2

Pupils will learn about the history of the Iron Mines and Ironworks in Millom. Using primary sources such as photographs and poems, pupils will understand the impact of the Iron industry in Cumbria. Comparing the past and the present pupils will learn about changes in landscape.

Why not enhance pupils learning by walking to the former site of the Hodbarrow mines which is now a RSPB site and exploring the changes of the landscape first hand.